Early morning Ljubljanica

They teach us not to skip breakfast, it is not healthy. They say don’t cut down on your sleep, it is not good for you. But we do it anyway, just cos we can, cos it is fun, cos it makes us happy and fulfilled.

Woke up at 3:30 am, Tuesday, work day. I had some meeting planned at 11:00 am and figured I have a fair slot of 5 hours of fishing before I am back in the office. The evening before, me and Uroš (the guy behind Urko Fishing Adventures – Disclaimer: yes, this is a direct advertisement for free 🙂 talked fishing the River Ljubljanica. Morning fly fishing, as in really early morning. Step into the water at official sunrise and fish without a break till nine, when my wake alarm clock says time for work.

Flowing through the capital of Slovenia and only few minutes drive from the city centre, this picturesque karst-like river holds true gems of fly fishing species. Small and deep, River Ljubljanica has them all, from Huchen (Hucho hucho – Danube Salmon), Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Pike, and Chub.

The fishing was slow, few fish on sight, but when it started, it was fun. I tried fishing wet fly, a semi-realistic pattern, given to me as a gift by my friend and professional fly tier Aleš Lukmar.



As I am a keen promoter of keeping fish as safe and unharmed as possible if I practice Catch & Release, I really urge you to check out KeepemWet website for their principles and tips on how to land a fish, take a quick and proper photo and handle the fish. Also, check out Uroš under the Ambassadors.





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