In Search of the Green Dragon

There is no better feeling than fly fishing during the week when all other fly fishermen are selling their time in their offices. After enjoying my free week time for almost one year my professional ambitions caught up with me. Here I am in the same “merde” as the rest of the working class, with drooling over weekend & afternoon fly fishing trips.

This season I’ve committed myself to the short but sweet afternoon adventures that will power me through my working days. Heard a nice saying yesterday. If you are constantly saying: “I don’t have time”, replace the time with life. You will soon start thinking towards living the life. At least I always do when the work ambitions consume my mind and time/life.

Mayflies Hatch

OK, I went fly fishing, for pike, for the first time this season. Joined my colleagues Uroš (Urko Fishing Adventures) and Aleš (LukaFly – fly tying services) who have started scouting for pike on Unica after morning mists. I joined only after work, rushing before the traffic jam would hamper my arrival to the jewel of this river. We met in Unec and quickly headed downstream to check the lower part of the river. Low water levels promised nothing good, as it also showed at the end.

Unica is a typical karst river the has a source from the cave and disappears into several caves, called sinkholes. These are located adjacent to the river meanders cutting into grassy meadows and marshes of Planinsko polje. So, the final sections of Unica have less and less water as it dissipates into the underground karst systems. In addition, falling water levels and too warm May weather contributed to lower pike activity. I guess pike, same as trout and other predatory fish, feed frantically only after heavy rain and rising water levels when all hell breaks loose in the river and baitfish is confused, less cautious due to lower visibility etc.

Not one pike has followed our rich and colorful range of huge flies that Aleš and I prepared specially for this session, which was at the same time very depressing and motivating us to come again. Me and Uroš know there are pike inside as we have learned the nice way during previous fall trip, so I am definitely returning soon.

All in all, it was a great afternoon of loads of fish talk and stories as usual, with few exhilarating moments of watching huge carp feeding on the surface. Next time I will bring my carp flies with me for sure.

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