Less fished River Idrijca

Lately when there are no fishing buddies around, I tend to scout for new and less visited places. Having been in Idrija for over a decade now, I’ve seen a fair share of natural and cultural wealth this small part of Slovenia has to offer. Still, many of the most breathtaking pockets of this lush green forest hills, canyons and waterfalls are only known to locals, that indulge in them year through, and a handful of traditional tourist that wonder few steps from typical Slovenian iconic spots.

Idrijca is well known in the fly fishing world, at least Europe-wise, and many if not all have heard of a trout eating huge rainbows and growing to enormous proportions – the fabled Marble Trout. In Idrijca we have a type Idrijca with its rich and deep golden hues and strong and dark marble pattern. Since everyone rushes to the Trophy zone, where the fish are vary of lousy fly patterns and presentations and you neighbour fly fisherman is just a step away from you, I usually tend to visit downstream parts of Idrijca. With awesome water levels lately, I now opted for the Upper Idrijca, where there are even fewer fish, less water, harder to fish, and no other person in the water, either swimming or fishing. My friend Urban joined me for one of the hikes. Well he actually showed me his favourite spots 🙂 Since Urban lives and works in Idrija as a tourist guide and renting out rooms in some really spectacular locations, he sure knows his backyard. You can visit his website here: www.urbanslabnik.si

The one thing that makes this area even more appealing are also the trout. Note there is no grayling here. Trout are all wild, with true to life colours as much as the nature is in this breathtaking canyon. Let the photos speak further. All photos are shot with iPhone 6S and using Proshotcase.




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