Paris Fly Fishing Show

The past weekend has had some awesome fly fishing action going on in Paris area, France. From 16-18 January, Les Sources d’Eclimont & les Moucheurs Mérévillois have organised FISHING SHOW (previously called Paris FlyFishing Show). Besides the maybe more famous and bigger biannual SAlon interNAtional de la Mouche Artificielle (SA.NA.M.A.), which is held in Saint-Etienne, this is France’s second largest and the largest and most important event in the region of Île-de-France.

And we were lucky to just be in Paris at the time and there was no way of missing this prominent event, especially after invitation by Le Mouching, who had their own stand with some ‘fancy’ clothing designs. Hard not to buy something 😉 Le Mouching website was also the first to publish our Idrija Fly Fishing Festival promo movie and for that: ‘Thank you again guys’. Hope to see you in Idrija at the IFFF.

This year the show has taken place on a new location. Moving from last year’s exhibition centre in Paris city, 2016 event was organised in a small town of Morigny-Champigny (next to city of Etampes), some 50 km south of Paris. Organiser has setup the event in a large sports complex with so much area, they were able to have a pool for casting demonstrations and testing of the rods, a long dry casting area and even a small pool with live trout and two aquariums holding a pair of pike. The length of the pool demo area was such that they showcased double handed rod casting, which was interesting for the majority of audience seeing it for the first time. The demonstrations of casting techniques were going on through the entire day and even if you missed one, you had the chance to see it again later.

All in all, the event had a very rich program and extremely diverse & multinational exhibitors, along with some of the famous names of the fly tying world.

We had a chance to talk to the Funky Fly Tying shop from United Kingdom that had a huge stand with loads of really excellent fly tying material from all the top brands. With variety of quality products these guys visit almost all the largest fairs in Europe, so you have a chance to meet them almost everywhere.

Large boot was also taken by fellows from Czech Republic – Czech Nymphs, where you could find loads of material focused on czech nymphs as the name suggests J

But our favourite exhibitor of goods was a custom rod shop from Belgium – FishBone. Unique design from the rod itself up to some fancy looking handles, made from variety of materials including snake skin. Why favourite? Well because we tested one rod for pike and hmmmmm, lets just say it was a good thing the Christmas passed and there was not enough left in the piggy. This rod, Predator, was a bomb; with only 8 feet, 9wt, and extremely light, you can load even untapered running line with such an ease as if someone from the above is helping you. Hope the Christmas comes soon…

Then there were the Czech Fly Fish, who offer fly fishing guiding on rivers Otava and Tepla Vltava and Vltava, amazing river landscape scenery. Besides guiding service they also offer a luxurious 4-star fly fishing lodge ‘Hotel Annin’, which seats directly on the banks of the River Otava and by the photos displayed cool place to hangout with your fishing friends after the long day on the water. Not to mentioned top notch Czech beer.

What they have a lot in France are etangs and lacs. But, there are few that lie at the altitude of 1000 meters above the sea level and are closed for fishing during the summer, just for the fish to relax and recover from the fly fishing. Yes, you are reading correctly. Young crew that was at the festival explained that their mountain lake Lac de Malaquet they have for fishing has a ‘summer trout siesta time’. Due to the lake’s upper layer having higher temperature than the one from which you might catch the trout and with over 1000 visitors in one season, their fish stock would just die off. Now, this is what we call sustainable sport fishing J

What else? Ohhh, there was also full time fly tying action, not live demo shows, like will have ;), but visitors could stand in front of the desk and watch the masters. And not just art & skill from anybody but from Igor Stančev himself. We have been watching his and his wife’s creations on hooks since more than a decade in the Slovenian fishing magazine Ribič. Truly an artist behind the vise. Graylings are in trouble the coming season, we bought some disco looking flies tied on 22. Bhahahaha!!!

And coming from The Netherlands was Ruben Groenendijk that was hooked on totally different fly patterns at the time. He was creating attractively colourful streamers and you just couldn’t stop watching the little creatures.

These are just a few to name and have made the show exciting and interesting, also for those that just came to see what was going on in the village. FISHING SHOW France is truly a nice event, focused on fly fishing and has a bright future to become bigger each year.

Idrija Fly Fishing Festival Crew is welcoming all that have visited the show as exhibitors or as a participants to join us in Slovenia, in the historical town of Idrija, where we will host our first fly fishing festival from 6-8 May 2016 with amazing fly fishing films from International Fly Fishing Film Festival, for the first time in Europe. Also an event not to be missed this spring.

PS: Marble trout – Idrijska Postrv is waiting for you guys 😉

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