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When there is not enough will to drive for few hundred kilometers and on the budget, you can occasionally settle also for less picturesque environs and innocent bystanders. August was hot as hell this year, all around the European continent and Paris was no exception. It was exceptional summer weather they said – Miha, you are lucky, usually there are 3 weeks of summer in Paris. The rest, rain, rain, some wind, and some rain. Not having Krka River or Idrijca River few steps from the house can be quite frustrating when you sweat in the southwest facing office and waiting for the free afternoon.

The weekend “temps” forecast was promising 33°C + and I had no intention of spending Saturday indoors. The coming morning I packed pike flies, 9 wt. rod, some “chow”, liquid, and hit the banks of Seine. I checked the locations where you can fish and where the good spots were supposed to be. But fly fishing in the city center? Yeah, space behind can be a limiting factor of how much flying with your line you can actually do. And Paris, known for its extra small spaces, be it the apartments, where you hit your head into the bath tub, while searching for the pan to make eggs, cafés and restaurants tables – where you elbow-fight the neighbour, so you can cut your “steak haché” before it gets cold – let’s not forget parking spaces and Parisian famous parking tactics – no space is too small for my four-wheels, and if it is, I can make more space – and so not much is different when you come to river Seine. Although large water body and a handful of walking options on the “Quais”, fly fishing from the bank is a challenge.

I started in Issy les Molineux, which is only 15 minutes from my place, and followed the Fishing Associations recommendations. Hmm, yeah, nice spot for normal spinning, but try throwing flies. The areas are very nice though, channel, island, the Seine on the other side of the island, grandiose park on the island. If I only had kayak was my first thought when I walked the bank and started seeing people actually kayaking, SUP-ing, really enjoying. They even SUP the Seine, which I imagined wouldn’t be that attractive, but I was pleasantly surprised by numerous SUPs.

A, yeah the fly fishing. Long story short: came, threw, threw some, changed some locations, made some nice casts (yes, there was an open space behind my back), catching nothing, saw dead fish, saw some living fish (thank god), acquired a bit of neck sunburn, but mainly I enjoyed being outside J I think I will skip fly fishing Paris next time and just play typical Parisian guy – bottle, really old cheese, and fresh bread. That should be a win I think.

Until next time…

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