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Early morning Ljubljanica

They teach us not to skip breakfast, it is not healthy. They say don’t cut down on your sleep, it is not good for you. But we do it anyway, just cos we can, cos it is fun, cos it makes us happy [...]

Less fished River Idrijca

Lately when there are no fishing buddies around, I tend to scout for new and less visited places. Having been in Idrija for over a decade now, I’ve seen a fair share of natural and cultural [...]

Season Opening Idrijca

This winter downloaded immense amounts of snow right at its end. February was as magnificent as I remember snow-rich winters from my childhood. One day I even had to shuffle the snow three times [...]

Ljubljanica & Pikes

Finally, a piece of time for a piece of mind and some typing. It’s been a while since my last post and also 4 weeks since I’ve made a road trip from Paris to Slovenia to visit my family and of [...]

Paris Fly Fishing Show

The past weekend has had some awesome fly fishing action going on in Paris area, France. From 16-18 January, Les Sources d’Eclimont & les Moucheurs Mérévillois have organised FISHING SHOW [...]

Unica Story

Beside the Holy trinity, in Slovenia we have also a different kind of threesome, a fly fishing trinity; three rivers whose landscape they run through, diversity of water flow and smartly couscous [...]


Na veliki praznik sem si kupil darilo – muharski izlet v Normandijo. Pa da ne bom delil pet slik in doživetje sam sabo, ker veliko stvari delim s sabo od kar sem v Parizu, sem se odločil, [...]

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