Unica Story

Beside the Holy trinity, in Slovenia we have also a different kind of threesome, a fly fishing trinity; three rivers whose landscape they run through, diversity of water flow and smartly couscous fish rank them among top fly fishing destinations in Slovenia and Europe. And it is impossible to compare them or find them anywhere else but at home. Soča, Idrijca and Unica rivers, fly fishing paradise and challenge for all those getting familiar with the art of seducing fish with fur and hair, and those that are seducers for years already.

Long awaited wish has not bypassed me and I finally got the opportunity to cast the fly on the carstic green beauty Unica; thanks to my family that my desire to visit this river, they united their powers in buying this relatively expensive gift, daily license. This gift definitely ranks in top 3 best gifts. So, in the middle of June at the break of dawn I was already waist deep in spring cold water, still in the coolness of surrounding trees that cover the raising edges of valley Planinsko polje. Water was perfect, not to mention clear sunny skies.

I’ve started my beginner style and my favourite nymph fishing to scout the unknown terrain, but without any success. Yeah, I did my homework bad or actually didn’t do it; I’ve should’ve done some research and ask my friends around, but flying directly from Paris the time was chasing me. I only had few strikes and some too late reactions resulting in no selfies “grayling & me”. Quickly did I switch to dry flies, even before 7 a.m., as the fish were raising like crazy and feeling them on #5 weight was just a perfect choice.

Along came out some brown trout and grayling but nothing really big. It was a hot June with rich water this year. And although the sun was burning the landscape I didn’t want to miss a single second of standing in the water, if only to watch the magic green and clear surface with all the life underneath. It seems my moving to France stimulated my craving for fly fishing and nature as I spent the entire winter in the metropole of France.

Well before noon I’ve started bringing in some big grayling with an amazing rainbow coloration. And right after lunch came along also my good friend Simon Urbas; tenx for the beers, awesome pro flies, and valuable advice Simon 😉

The raising grayling haven’t stopped showing off all day long, it was an incredible presentation of their sheer size and appetite for summer critters. And they were eating them all, also my own flies. Success came only as a result of really perfect presentation with no drag, soft landing and 0.12 mm nylon.
I’ve experienced one of the best days I can remember since I first held fly fishing rod in my hands. Truly beautiful wild fish and browns, hoovering in river Unica create magical colors of nature.

Compliments to Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia for extraordinary management with river Unica; and doing it with no stocking at all. All in all, despite expensive license, even on time per year, a day spent in valley Planinsko polje is way too amazing to miss.

P.S. I have my birthday every year 🙂

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